With Cowealth

Cowealth is dedicated to bring in medical technologies and products to Greater China Area where business is powered by opportunities from over 1.3 billion populations. With extensive understanding of the market, thorough planning and appropriate business models, we now have a professional team of more than two hundreds of employees in offices throughout Greater China, including Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, serving needs from hundreds of our customers in the medical industry.

Our mission is to establish solid channel to introduce, promote and service advanced and cost-effective medical products satisfying needs of our customers whereas patients, hospitals, and the manufacturers can all be benefited from. We are committed to bring in win-win business relationship and results to our partnering alliances.

Best channel to introduce your product to Greater China Market

nderstanding the intricacies of doing business in Greater China may not be such an easy task for newcomers. Apart from being spread over a large geographical area, local culture and regulations also present daunting barriers to new entrants. Thus, for companies trying to penetrate the Chinese market, their best approach would be to partner up with an established company with a wide market reach in the country.

Partnering with Cowealth will certainly bring you the following immediate access and advantages.

Well Structured Marketing & Sales Network

Cowealth marketing team is well experienced in hosting successful product launch presentations, business conferences, and medical academic seminars on cross-strait basis. With thorough pre-marketing studies and researches, our team ensures that the product will be positioned properly, and fit into the chosen market segment.

Under the guidance of our marketing strategy, our sales team spreads over in seven (7) regional offices in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, in conjunction with our sub-dealer network throughout the entire country, will execute and deliver the messages we want them to, from province to province, from city to city, and from hospitals to hospitals on daily basis. We aim to bring product to China market within the shortest period of time, with the highest take up rate.

Support Product Registration

Customer’s inquiry and consultation service, before, during or after the product launching, is always welcome. Cowealth is knowledgeable to provide supports in various areas including SFDA product registration, government or customs importation regulation, etc.

Professional and Reliable Pre-Sales & Post-Sales Service Supports

Cowealth well trained service engineer team will bridge communication channel between customers and suppliers seamlessly once the product is sold so that smooth after ales services, 4-hour response time and 8-hour onsite service support, can be performed 7-24 at customer sites whenever emergency support is needed.

All of our sales contracts, purchase orders, logistic documents, installation and service records, financials, customers and supplier data base, etc. are maintained and governed by SAP system in the back office. It is to ensure our execution and data management here at Cowealth is efficient, accurate, and responsible to all of our public investors.

Financing Schemes

It is our belief that all hospitals, large or small, should have access to advanced medical equipment. The huge initial investments required should not be a barrier to any hospital. To overcome this concern, Cowealth has come up with a scheme that lets hospitals spread the cost of operating such equipment over a longer period of time. With strong financial backing, we are in a position to purchase equipment outright from the manufacturers. This equipment is then installed at hospitals. Cowealth gets returns from its investments through the sales of consumables that this equipment requires or through leasing or installment arrangements.

Paying upfront for the equipment rids our manufacturers of the risks involved with such a financing scheme. The potential customer only pays for what it can afford. Effectively, we are managing risks of both our suppliers and customers.

Through this program, we enable many hospitals to operate sophisticated clinical equipment. In the process our suppliers are now able to reach a significant segment of the market that previously lacked the buying power to purchase their products.

Integrity and Compliance

Cowealth has many company policies established, internally and externally. We comply with every government regulation, and believe that disciplined employee conduct and integrity are the corner stone of any long-standing corporation whenever a case study is conducted to locate its root causes. Regardless what business climate and environment is currently in China, we have commitment made to our colleagues, business partners, customers, and public investors, and we will maintain integrity and compliance as our company core competence and conduct transparent business activities.

We believe it is the norm of future, our harvest and dedication will pay off, and one of the merits that our partners are always treasured as we are.

Key Opinion Leaders Acknowledgement & Social Recognition

Cowealth was incorporated in 1997, and its financial status had turned into solid numbers and performances after years of efforts and dedication.

Similarly, medical industry shares same view and observation than those who are from public investment sectors. Cowealth professional capability and reputable after sales services have indeed impressed many of the key opinion leaders in the industry, and established close relationship with them as well as to our customers countrywide which pave road to our future success once we wanted to bring in more technologies.

Replicate Business Models & Commitment to Win

Replicated business models coming out of joint discussion with technology suppliers together, tailored to the market demand, flexible and adaptable to any market counter-reactions, can shorten distance and cement relations between our partners.

We treasure our relation with every of our partnering alliance and carry out their business plan in their own way. Our goal is to help the partner deliver products and gain results from every prospective with our decades of experience here in Chinese Area.