The Company is committed to establishing a corporate culture of integrity and sustainable. We conduct business activities by a fair and transparent way.

The Company has a comprehensive supplier management system to ensure that the selection of suppliers fits the needs of the Company. We objectively assess the impacts from our procurement activities on the source of supply, the environment of community and society.

Therefore, we apply strict assessments on suppliers with an aim to avoid dealing with any dishonest partners. If any of our suppliers are involved in dishonesty or bribery, the Company may take measures to terminate the contracts with them at any time.

We also work together with our suppliers to improve corporate social responsibility. Thus, our suppliers are required to comply with relevant regulations regarding environmental protection, occupational safety and health and labor human rights.

We avoid doing business with any supplier who might conflict with our CSR policy. Therefore, before making any commercial engagements, we will assess whether the supplier had a record of making any negative impact on the environment and society.

Supplier’s credit limit approved by authorized managers. Quality management team would regularly conduct quality reviews for the overall procurement status, in an effort to eliminate unqualified suppliers and update the list of qualified suppliers.

Employees are prohibited Similarly, accepting any unreasonable gifts or improper entertainment is also strictly forbidden in this Company.

In order to implement corporate governance and prevent fraud, the Company encourages to report any kinds of actual or suspected fraud cases.

(1)Spokesperson: Accepting cases reported by shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders.

(2)Designated Windows:Accepting cases reported by internal colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Reporting channels:

(1)Face-to-face reports: Making a face-to-face statement to the senior executive of the Company where the accused person belongs.

(2)Telephone reports: 400-678-8855