Waste Sorting

Cowealth aggressively employs garbage disposal and sorting measures within its office premises, endorsing the notion that "waste sorting is the current trend." All trash cans are labeled with the categories "Wet," "Dry," and "Recyclable" to guarantee correct waste sorting. The purpose of this is to remind the staff to classify their garbage using the designated labels correctly. Large cardboard boxes and packaging boxes that cannot fit in the trash bins should be handed to the company's professional cleaning crew for recycling. It is not permitted to dispose of them carelessly close to the trash bin.

Ban on Plastic Water Bottles

Life becomes increasingly convenient as technology develops. But this development also has a price as it generates a lot of waste, slowly destroying our world. We must start by acting at our own behest and taking little steps to preserve the ecosystem on Earth. In an effort to reduce waste, we have made a conscious decision to avoid using bottled mineral water. As an alternative, we serve beverages in teacups to guests and make use of them during internal meetings.

Recycling Waste Batteries for Centralized Treatment

A single button cell can contaminate 600 tons of water, which is equal to a person's lifetime supply of drinking water, while a single D battery can permanently render one square meter of soil unusable. For everyday battery disposal, Cowealth supplies recycling containers in an effort to protect the environment. Batteries that need to be disposed of safely are regularly collected and sent to the industrial park's environmental protection department.

Saving Paper

To increase efficiency and move closer to our objective of minimizing paper usage, we have embraced digital signing and approval processes.

Recycling Used Paper

We provide paper recycling bins at work to encourage staff to reuse and recycle single-sided paper.

Centralized Treatment for Used Paper and Discarded Printer Toner Cartridge

Used paper and printer toner cartridges are collected regularly and handled professionally by cleaning staff for recycling. They are then sent to wastepaper processing plants and the original printer manufacturers for disposal to avoid environmental pollution caused by improper disposal.

Fostering a Better Environment and Taking Care of Stray Cats

Our employees have willingly adopted eight stray cats from the area around the office building. Having them accompany employees in the office not only contributes to a more pleasant environment but also helps employees who are stressed out at work feel better, creating a warm and friendly work environment.