Cowealth does not engage in any industrial production. Our operations solely consist of low-energy and low-pollution practices related to energy consumption and domestic wastewater. We have not yet conducted a potential risk assessment concerning climate change issues.

Office Electricity Usage Policy

The following guidelines and procedures have been designed to control office electricity use and guarantee the prudent use of company resources:

1. Air conditioning in the office area is only permitted under the following conditions: when the indoor temperature is either below 20 °C (inclusive) or above 26 °C (inclusive), and when the outdoor temperature is either below 15 °C (inclusive) or above 30 °C (inclusive). Air conditioning should only be used within the permissible temperature range. A temperature range of 20 °C to 26 °C should be maintained inside.

2. In every office space, the last person to leave is responsible for turning off the air conditioning and lights. After each workday, employees are required to turn off their personal desktop computers, monitors, and shared printers. Managers with private offices should develop the practice of turning off the lights and air conditioning when they leave their workplaces to save energy.

3. Security workers ventilate the office space Every morning between 7:30 and 8:30. Additionally, based on the internal and external temperature readings at 9 A.M., the air conditioning unit is adjusted to cooling, heating, or fresh air modes. Assistants are responsible for regulating the temperature in individual offices. The security officers decide whether to switch on or off the air conditioning based on the actual temperature at noon (1:00 P.M.) and in the early evening (5:00 P.M.).

4. Eco-friendly and energy-efficient electric lighting is employed throughout the company.

5. All employees must enhance their awareness of electricity conservation and safety. Air conditioning should only be turned on when necessary. Personnel in each office area are required to comply with the aforementioned energy-saving policies and turn off the air conditioning and other electrical appliances at the end of each workday. Opening windows while using air conditioning is strictly prohibited.

Encouraging Employees to Bring Eco-Friendly Tableware

In order to limit the usage of throwaway tableware and promote the use of reusable, eco-friendly alternatives, Cowealth provides eco-friendly tableware to all employees.

Providing Biodegradable, Eco-friendly Tableware in the Employee Cafeteria

We provide eco-friendly, biodegradable tableware made from wheat straw at the staff cafeteria. This promotes employee health in addition to environmental conservation.

Promoting the Use of Stairs at the Headquarters Rather than Elevators

At the headquarters, employees are urged to take the stairs instead of elevators when moving between adjacent floors. This promotes physical well-being while also lowering our dependency on public resources, enabling us to incorporate a low-carbon, eco-friendly, and healthy way of life.

Promoting Electronic Invoices for Green Development

The company promotes green development by encouraging employees to use electronic invoices, eliminating the need for paper during approval processes.