Increasing Quality and Efficiency for Clients While Cutting Costs for Reagents and Consumables

Tailored to the unique demands of our end clients, Cowealth has effectively integrated upstream suppliers to create an all-in-one service network centered on group purchasing and delivering value-added services for medical institutions and other clients.

Cowealth enters into medium- to long-term group purchase agreements with medical institutions. As the primary supplier, we provide end-to-end supply chain management services for reagents and consumables to more than 100 tier-three hospitals. We work closely with suppliers to select the appropriate products based on specific product categories and brand specifications. In addition to streamlining the procurement, distribution, and management of reagents and consumables for medical institutions, we also send specialists to assist our clients with tasks like inventory control, demand forecasting, specialized departmental training, and application of information technology. These initiatives further support our mission to cut expenses and boost efficiency for hospitals.

To directly provide hospitals with streamlined procurement services for more than 20,000 types of in-vitro diagnostic products and consumables, Cowealth has already worked with over 1,000 original manufacturers and major agents worldwide. With our extensive network of long-term partners, there's no need for inventory stocking or the exclusion of competing products.

Furthermore, numerous renowned manufacturers, domestic and international, are eager to strengthen their partnership with Cowealth due to our stellar reputation and wide supplier network that covers an array of brand options for these products. They trust us to procure non-self-produced products in their centralized purchasing agreements with various hospitals, which also opens up fresh and varied business prospects for us.