Integrated Decision-Making and Analysis Platform to Support Sophisticated Hospital Management

Cowealth has creatively introduced the concept of creating an "Integrated Decision-Making and Analysis Platform" to align business and financial management with national standards for high-quality hospital administration. The platform streamlines, integrates, and automates operational data processing to enhance data exchange and application. By providing precise and timely data, it enhances hospital operations, promoting a scientifically-driven, standardized, and efficient management approach.

Cowealth partners with hospitals to create a demonstration center for operations management, featuring the "Zhibeita" software. This proprietary software, designed for hospital departments, is a product of our collaboration with medical institutions across the Taiwan Strait. Moreover, the platform offers training to prepare hospital personnel with the necessary knowledge and resources to execute sophisticated management strategies.

The Integrated Decision-Making and Analysis Platform benefits individual departments and the hospital as a whole, both economically and socially. It enables hospitals to exercise regional influence by generating real-time scientific reports of crucial metrics for the entire hospital. This guarantees transparency in performance for critical departments, promotes healthy competition, and ultimately enhances overall quality and efficiency. Meanwhile, equipping personnel with essential resources and knowledge enhances both patient satisfaction and service quality, which leads to improved departmental performance and contributes to both financial and operational success.