Ethics and discipline are crucial parts of the Company's corporate culture, laying a solid foundation in pursuit of sound corporate governance. Cowealth Medical Holding Co., Ltd. emphasizes shareholders' rights and interests, and believes that through a sound and efficient board of directors, the quality of corporate governance can be improved, and shareholders' rights can be safeguarded. Under this principle, the Company’s board of directors has established an audit committee and a remuneration committee to assist the board of directors in performing their supervisory duties. The articles of association of each committee are approved by the board of directors, and the chairman of each committee regularly reports its resolutions to the board of directors.

The company's board of directors resolved on August 12, 2020 to appoint the chief financial officer and chief investor relations officer Ms. Li-An Chen as the chief corporate governance officer, who has held a position in charge of financial, equity or corporate governance-related affairs of publicly issued companies for more than 3 years. The head of corporate governance is the top executive of the company’s corporate governance-related affairs. Duties include handling matters related to the board of directors, audit committee, remuneration committee and shareholders’ meeting in accordance with the law; assisting directors in their appointments and continuing education; providing directors with necessary information for business execution; director compliance with laws and regulations, etc.

Please refer to the "Corporate Governance" section in the Company’s annual report for the business execution status of the chief corporate governance officer.