Clean and Hygienic Office Environment

To ensure a clean and high-quality office environment, we hire professional cleaning staff to carry out regular plant care, pest control, and other necessary tasks to maintain a clean working space. Every quarter, we present the Golden Cleanliness Award to acknowledge employees who consistently maintain clean and organized personal workspaces. Additionally, we replace water filter cartridges on a regular basis to ensure the safety and hygiene of drinking water.

Measures for the Prevention and Control of the Covid-19 Pandemic

1.Our reception desk is equipped with all the necessary anti-COVID supplies, including sanitizer, disinfectant foot mats, masks, and antigen tests.

2.Automatic temperature monitoring devices are installed on every floor at the headquarters. The devices activate an alarm to identify individuals with abnormal temperatures as they pass through promptly.

Security Inspection System

We have appointed security personnel to ensure daily patrols and safety checks of the office. They also regularly inspect the warehouse and cold storage to avoid unforeseen incidents.

Fire Safety Facilities and Drills

1.Fire Safety Facilities: The entire office building is equipped with fire safety tools like fire extinguishers and protective clothing in designated locations. We also do routine maintenance and upkeep of indoor automated fire sprinkler systems in accordance with the specifications of the property management guidelines of the industrial park.

2.2. Fire Drills: We conduct annual fire drills to assess the emergency response capabilities of our staff during a fire outbreak. The drills consist of initial response and fire control, on-site firefighting exercises using fire extinguishers, fire emergency evacuation procedures, and first aid for injured individuals. Every six months, the Security Department also arranges joint safety inspections of the office's flammable material storage, firefighting apparatus, and electrical circuits and facilities.

"Basic Life Support" Training

We regularly invite experts in emergency rescue to conduct training sessions on-site. These training sessions cover various aspects of emergency rescue, including basic principles, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), trauma care, first aid for accidents and sudden disasters, and more. Participants can learn fundamental emergency response skills and earn certification for on-site rescue through simulation exercises and practical training.

Pre-Employment Health Check-up

Every new employee is required to undergo a pre-employment health check-up at a designated medical facility.

Regular Employee Health Check-ups

Every employee's health is important to us; hence we regularly conduct health checks to ensure their well-being.