Company Overview

Creating Wealth through Cooperation

The name "Cowealth" encapsulates our corporate philosophy of "creating wealth through cooperation". At Cowealth, we prioritize innovation and service, empowering hospitals to excel in providing top-tier medical care. With a win-win approach, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client. We are dedicated to integrating and optimizing the supply chain, fostering cross-Straits medical exchange platform between mainland China and Taiwan, and facilitating multifaceted hospital management strategies for continuous growth. By advancing technological expertise and management practices, hospitals can enhance efficiency and elevate service standards, thereby delivering tangible benefits to patients and the wider community.

Creating Wealth through Cooperation

Introducing New Technologies

Cowealth, as a prominent player in the high-end healthcare distribution sector, has successfully integrated state-of-the-art technology into diverse specialized fields within the healthcare domain. With a team of top-notch technical experts, the company has successfully implemented the latest technologies spanning a wide array of medical disciplines, including stereoscopic radiosurgery equipment, diagnostic and therapeutic tools for dry eye syndrome, research projects in clinical bacteriophage, and tools for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-guided radiation therapy. These groundbreaking developments have positioned hospitals at the forefront of the continuously evolving medical technology landscape.

Introducing New Technologies

Diversified Growth

Owing to our diversified expansion, Cowealth consistently broadens the scope of collaboration with hospitals. In addition to collaborating with industry peers to leverage our collective strengths, we vertically integrate with the original supplier network of cutting-edge technology and embrace various kinds of collaboration across multiple projects to expand our market reach. By doing so, we effectively utilize our after-sales services and distribution channels, ensuring the swift adoption of cutting-edge technology in the local market.

Diversified Growth

Client Endorsement

Hospital clients of Cowealth receive dependable, long-term, and high-value services that enable them to gain a competitive edge while lowering costs and boosting efficiency. Owing to the range and complexity of our services, we can generate solutions for many aspects of efficient administration and operations in hospitals. Our contracts with hospitals typically extend beyond five years, with the longest one already exceeding two decades. Around 80% of our clients chose to renew their contracts with Cowealth. Our service coverage has expanded to include most provinces nationwide and continues to grow rapidly due to our excellent reputation in the industry and powerful brand recognition. We attribute our successful journey to the unwavering support and trust of our esteemed clients.

Client Endorsement

Cowealth Group

Cowealth Group is the only medical company currently listed in Taiwan and mainland China. The subsidiary, Cowealth Medical Holdings Co., Ltd., is listed on the Taipei Exchange (stock symbol: Cowealth KY; stock code: 4745), while Cowealth Medical China Co., Ltd. is listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock symbol: Cowealth China; stock code: 603122).

Shanghai became the operations headquarters of Cowealth in 2000. The company's founding mission is to elevate healthcare standards in Greater China, with the vision of equipping all hospitals with top-notch medical equipment and enabling the vast majority of people to have access to cutting-edge medical technologies. Since its inception, Cowealth has been committed to building a system of high-quality healthcare services and promoting the growth of the larger healthcare sector. We aim to make hospitals more competitive by introducing new technologies and service models. Cowealth is committed to being a versatile service supplier offering comprehensive services and making a distinctive impact.

Through dual innovation in technology and service models, Cowealth has introduced various solutions in line with the national requirements for high-quality development in hospitals. Our wide range of solutions include refined management services tailored specifically for in-vitro diagnostic reagents and consumables, an integrated platform designed for decision-making and analysis, commercialization of achievements in medical science and technology, a Multi-Channel Coaxial Time Audio Video Imaging Platform (MCCTAVIP), and an AI-assisted system for clinical diagnosis. By implementing these digital and intelligent solutions, Cowealth can empower hospitals to operate more efficiently and deliver high-quality care to their patients.

Cowealth Group’s Chairperson, Ms. Wang Qiongzhi, actively supports collaboration in the healthcare sector between mainland China and Taiwan. In 2023, she held prominent positions as both Vice President of the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland (ATIEM) and Chairperson of the Big Health Industry Working Committee at both the Shanghai Taiwan Investors Association and the Tianjin Taiwan Investors Association. Through these roles, Ms. Wang played a key role in facilitating the participation of Taiwanese companies in the development of the mainland's healthcare industry.

Cowealth has always been committed to promoting medical exchanges between both sides of the Taiwan Strait. For over two decades, this commitment has served as a valuable bridge, facilitating the sharing of Taiwan's healthcare successes with mainland hospitals and strengthening the education and development of skilled professionals in the field. The company’s cross-Strait exchange platform is widely recognized for its high-level engagement, diverse topics, and geographical diversity. It has enabled constructive dialogues between high-level officials on both sides, covering topics such as government healthcare systems, hospital management best practices, cross-disciplinary collaboration, talent recruitment, and training programs for physicians and nursing professionals. To date, over 40,000 individuals across 110 mainland cities have connected and collaborated through this platform.

Moving forward, Cowealth remains committed to long-term growth in the medical product distribution sector. By advocating transparent business practices and empowering hospital management and development, we strive for healthcare excellence together. Cowealth has achieved great success over the years thanks to the unwavering trust and encouragement of our clients. Building upon this solid foundation, we aspire to become the leading healthcare distributor in the Chinese-speaking market. Our commitment remains strong as we strive to ascend as a prominent rising star in the dynamic realm of medical technology.

Market Share

Operating 7 offices spanning 18 provinces nationwide.

  • Beijing
  • Jinan
  • Shanghai
  • Taipei
  • Guangzhou
  • Tianjin
  • Xinjiang

Development Milestones


Cowealth builds a presence in Shanghai. Introduce package service in the diagnostic clinical laboratory field.


Builds outstanding cross-strait medical resource platform.


Introduce cutting-edge radiation oncology therapy to Greater China.


Innovative business model. Launches centralized purchasing in the IVD field.


Cowealth Medical Holding Co., Ltd. goes public at Taipei Exchange.

Introduces the world’s leading devices for detecting and treating meibomian gland dysfunction.

Innovative clinical medical research. Introduce MRIdian-Linac System and installed in Taiwan.


Cowealth Medical China Co., Ltd. goes public at Shanghai Stock Exchange.


Dual innovation in technology and service model. Building Integrated Decision-Making and Analysis Platform. Empowering the high-quality hospital development.

Dual innovation in technology and service model. Building ACME Empowerment Solution.

Management Team

Joyce Wang

Bachelor of Business, National Taiwan University

Major Experiences:
Chairman, Cowealth Medical Holding Co., Ltd.
General Manager, Cowealth Medical China Co., Ltd.
Associate Manager, Unisys Corporation Taiwan Branch
Vice President, The Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises on the Mainland
Vice President and Chairman of Comprehensive Health Industry Committee, Shanghai Taiwan Investment Enterprises Association
Vice President and Chairman of Comprehensive Health Industry Committee, Tianjin Taiwan Investment Enterprises Association
Vice Chairman of Medical Service Professional Committee, Shanghai Service Federation
Secretary General, CHMA Taiwan
Secretary General, Chinese Senior Care Association

Duane Lee

Bachelor of Industrial Chemistry, National Tsing Hua University

Major Experiences:
Founder and CEO, Cowealth Medical Holding Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Cowealth Medical China Co., Ltd.
General Manager of Greater China of Medical Department, Philips
General Manager of Greater China, Beckman Instruments Co., Ltd.

Kenneth Tseng

Master of Commerce, National Taiwan University
Bachelor of Computer Management Science, National Chiao Tung University

Major Experiences:
Director and Deputy General Manager, General Manager of Commerce Department, Cowealth Medical China Co., Ltd.
Account Manager, CTBC Bank

Crystal Chen

Bachelor of International Economic Law, East China University of Political Science and Law

Major Experiences:
Deputy General Manager, General Manager of Operation Department, Cowealth Medical China Co., Ltd.
Assistant to President's Office, Eastern Holding Group Co., Ltd
Lawyer, Shanghai Trust Justice Law Office

Dick Yang

Bachelor of Medical Technology, Kaohsiung Medical University

Major Experiences:
Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Business Department, Cowealth Medical China Co., Ltd.
General Manager of Diagnostics China, Beckman Coulter Co., Ltd.

Fenghua Wang

Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Electronics, University of Science and Technology of China

Major Experiences:
Deputy General Manager and Technical Director, Cowealth Medical China Co., Ltd.
Engineer of R&D Department, Guangdong Weida Medical Device Company
Engineer, 263 Factory Research Office

Yoyo Zhu

Bachelor's degree of International Finance, Wuhan Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics

Major Experiences: 

Secretary of the Board, Audit Director, Cowealth Medical China Co., Ltd.
Accountant, Shanghai Fengshen Air Conditioning Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd