• Prosperity through Cooperation

    The main components of our company's name (“Co” and “Wealth”) embody our corporate mission to “create wealth through cooperation.” Our founding mission was to elevate the medical standards of hospitals in Greater China by giving Chinese hospitals access to the world’s most advanced medical equipment to improve patient care. Intended on creating the best possible outcomes for every client, we offer solutions that are tailored to each hospital’s specific conditions combining, solutions that enhance the reputations of the hospitals we partner with and the competitive advantages of their medical teams. We optimize our hospital partners' medical infrastructure and improve their diagnostic and treatment capabilities. These advantages help our clients emerge as leaders in the health care sector and secure the support of regulatory agencies, while also establishing strong, sustainable foundations.

  • Fields of Specialization

    Cowealth works with hospitals in several fields, and through these many areas of expertise, we can improve hospitals’ economic and operational performance by reducing costs, creating new sources of income, and also forging significant social benefits through elevating their technological standards and service efficiencies and improving their academic activities.

  • Diversified Development

    Cowealth has built direct strategic alliances with more than 70 world-class medical equipment manufacturers and developed a vertically integrated supply chain of advanced medical technology featuring several different models of cooperation. At the same time, we have also worked with other medical supply companies in pooling resources to extend our reach and deepen cooperation. This diversified development has enabled Cowealth and hospitals to collaborate in an increasing number of fields.

  • Client Recognition

    All of our business models are devised with a long-term and sustainable partnership in mind. Cowealth generally signs contracts of five to eight years with hospitals and perseveres to create meaningful “win-win” relationships over time. Our track record of sustained successes has steadily strengthened the trust customers place in us, which is why we have grown into a publicly listed company that has executed more than 1,000 projects since inception in 1997 and currently serves more than 500 clients. We could not have achieved this success without the backing of our customers and firmly belief that this growing support will help Cowealth soon emerge as the largest medical distributor in the Greater China market. Your Trust Our Strength


Cowealth builds a presence in China in the diagnostic clinical laboratory field soon after it is founded.


Builds outstanding cross-strait medical resource platform.


Introduce cutting-edge radiation oncology therapy to Greater China.


Launches a unique business model in the diagnostic field, the Summit Project.


Introduce MRIdian Linac System and ophthalmology technologies.


Innovative clinical medical research-assisted in the establishment of the first superbacteria therapy department in mainland China.


Hefu (China) Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Listed on the A-share main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange

A Sparkling star in the biomedical field, the Cowealth Group has a passionate team dedicated to forging the biggest medical distribution company in the Greater China market.

The Cowealth Group (“Cowealth”) was founded in 1997 and immediately built a presence in China,specializing in the diagnostic clinical laboratory field. In 2005, we introduced radiation oncology technology into the market, going beyond the technical scope of our diagnostic reagents supply and logistics program and also established Cowealth Medical Holding Co. Three years later, Cowealth launched the Summit Project plan in the diagnostic field, and in 2010, we acquired a 3,000-square-meter plot of property to build a Greater China operations center and a new Cowealth Group headquarters.Most recently, Cowealth entered the ophthalmology and MRI-guided radiation therapy fields, introducing advanced innovative technologies in both fields. We now have broad coverage across Greater China, with management offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Jinan, Guangzhou and Taipei.

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