Introducing cutting-edge radiation oncology therapy to Greater China

Cowealth entered the radiation therapy field in 2005 when it introduced state-of-the-art radiation oncology equipment to Greater China. Since then, Cowealth has grown in step with many hospitals dedicated to improving tumor treatment results and enhancing cancer patients' quality of survival as radiation therapy technology has developed. The emergence of highly automated, extremely precise devices, in particular, has enabled radiation therapy to target a malignancy in real time and irradiate tumors with precise radiation therapy health tissue. Ultimately, this more effective and humane form of therapy for cancer patients has ushered the treatment of cancer into a new era in which the protection of patients' rights and dignity is paramount.

The MRIdian® Linac, is ViewRay’s latest breakthrough technology. It is based on the clinically proven MRIdian imaging and treatment planning platform. The next-generation radiotherapy solution that integrates a linac with MRI technology in a compact design, together with our proprietary software to locate, target and track the position and shape of tumors while radiation is delivered. MRIdian Linac uses the same split-magnet MRI system used in MRIdian and is designed to fit in standard radiotherapy vaults replacing X-Ray guided linear accelerators.

MRIdian Linac can provide continuous soft-tissue imaging during linac-based radiation treatment. Being able to constantly see both the tumor and surrounding organs means you can accurately align the tumor to the treatment beams, adapt or reshape the treatment volume to accommodate changes in the shape and location of the tumor and healthy tissues, and track soft tissues in real time to avoid missing a moving tumor or irradiating sensitive internal structures.

With MRIdian Linac’s enhanced visualization and motion management tools you can treat your patients with clinical confidence, knowing that you will be able to target the tumor accurately and deliver less radiation to your patients’ healthy tissue. Image and treat simultaneously with MRIdian Linac because organ motion matters!